I apologize in advance for this post because it’s just going to be a rant more than a calm and collective piece.

Every one has seen the people working at trying to round up people to sign up for a charity on the street. These people are known as “Chuggers.” (Charity muggers). Trying (mostly in vain) to be as nice as humanly possible to people walking by, asking how are they and just being generally nice. Most people will just ignore them completely, some people will say they’re too busy (some actually will be) and some will say be honest and say they just dont want to sign up.

Usually, i would be nice and smiley and say no thanks..On occasion I just say ‘im already signed up.  A few days ago, it was quite a warm day i was in  a hurry getting to the shop, pushing my daughter in a pram, because i was in a hurry i was going as fast i my legs would go. Then a woman wearing a yellow vest to say which charity she’s with stands   directly in front of me asking if i have a few seconds to have a chat, to which i said “no i don’t i’m in quite a hurry” very nicely. She pulls a face then slowly steps aside to let me pass.  I go to the shop, get what i need and start to make my way home. In the mean time, the precious cargo im carrying in the pram decides that she wants to scream and leave me a smelly gift.   Running home with a bright red Poring with sweat, Pushing the smelliest, loudest thing that ever lived, the same charity worker steps out directly in front of me again and says “I’m guessing you’re going to say you’re rushing now too?”

Genuinely shocked i just said “of course i am look at me!” to which she replies “you’re all the same” At this point i think the sweat on me was starting to boil because i was getting angrier and angrier,   i starting to move forward.   ‘She isn’t moving’ i thought. I carried on, running over both her feet with the pram and smiling as i did it.  From then on i will find other ways home, adding 5-10mins on to my journey if i have to, to avoid them.

I also have a problem with charity workers setting up camp outside the post office asking for money. (The post office which predominantly used by poor people collecting dole money). but that’s for another time.

Rant Over.

One comment on “Chuggers.

  1. Richard Pendragon says:

    They pester me on the way to and from college, insist that I have enough money to set up a direct debit from my account, and one actually tried to guilt trip me into signing over what little money I had left to their noble cause. I agree with some charities, but the way in which they try to coax your money from you is offensive in most cases. I agree with this post.

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