What is wrong with today?

I am sad to say that this evening 25/08/12 The first man ever to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong has died at the age of 82.

As I am interested in all things space I though I’d do a bit of research on Mr Armstrong. So as you do you begin to type Neil Armstrong into Google (other search engines available)  Just as I finish the l in Neil a drop down box appears attempting to preempt what I am about to search for.  What do I see?  Neil Armstrong is 4th on the list, meaning he is the 4th searched for Neil.  Above him No.1 Neil Patrick Harris,  No.2 Neil Young and No.3 Neil Gaiman.  The man who’s name will be in history for ever as being the first human being to ever set foot on the moon is searched for less than a gay actor,  A Canadian singer and Neil Gaiman (apparently he’s an author)

You could say that this angers me just because I like spacey stuff, but no! This angers me because now it seems people are a lot more interested in getting the latest gossip on “Celebs” rather than looking at interesting, intellectually stimulating things – just like a person that made history like Neil Armstrong. I’m not doing this because i’ve had a slow day in the blogging world, this actually saddens me that the collective minds of the human race is slowly being eroded away by “celeb news”

Please could somebody tell me I’m wrong.

“Its one small step for man- One giant leap for mankind” – Neil Armstrong  05/08/30 – 25/08/12